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General terms for providing accommodation services

The following General Terms of Service are an integral part of the Agreement/Voucher for Services negotiated between the Mediterano d.o.o. Tourist Agency, Obala 3 br. 2, Vela Luka, (hereafter referred to as the Agency) and the travel contractor (hereafter referred to as the Traveller).

Article 1 – Offer Overview
The Agency provides services to the period and details of the confirmed reservation, except in special circumstances that cannot be predicted or eliminated, such as but not limited to: illness or death of the host or his/her immediate family, natural disasters (floods, fires, earthquakes, droughts, etc. ), wars, civic strikes, terrorist attacks, and restrictions issued by the State (mobilization, ban on leaving the country, etc.).

Article 2 - Reservations and Payment
Queries and accommodation reservations can be made electronically, by conventional mail/post or in person, as well as through contracting partner agencies.  In making a deposit or payment toward  the reservation the Traveller confirms that he/she has carefully read and accepts in full the General Terms of Service described herein. In this manner, everything outlined in the General Terms of Service becomes a  legal obligation for both the Traveller and the Agency.  The Agency will provide the Traveller with all relevant information pertaining to the trip, describe the terms of service that are an integral part of this agreement, and offer a travel insurance package. When confirming the reservation, the Traveller is obliged to provide all relevant information necessary to process the reservation.  To confirm the reservation, the Traveller is required to make a deposit, with the remaining balance due according to the model of payment agreed to.    

Article 3 – Service Costs
The Kuna (HRK) is the legal currency of the Republic of Croatia, used for both calculating prices and presenting the cost of services.  Any amounts expressed in Euros (€) are for information purposes only and reflect an exchange rate by midd rate of HNB Croatian National Bank. The EURO-HRK exchange rate is not fixed and may fluctuate througout the year, as well as the exchange rate between the bank in Croatia and the Traveller's own financial institution.  All bank charges and any other fees incurred related to exchange rates and currency transfers are at the expense of the Traveller.       

The service price includes the basic service as described in the Price List for the accommodation unit on the day of reservation. Any special or additional services desired are not included in the base price for the accommodation unit and are to be payed separately.

The Agency reserves the right to change advertised prices. Travellers who make a deposit on their reservation are guaranteed the accommodation price quoted at the time of their reservation, expressed in Kunas (HRK), and upon which the amount of their deposit was calculated. Prices advertised are based on contracted agreements with our partners and may not reflect changes to prices quoted at the location where the Traveler is to stay. Any difference in prices cannot be the subject of complaint by the Traveller.

If on the day of arrival the Traveller's party includes a greater number of persons looking to stay at the reserved accommodation unit than is indicated on the travel voucher, the service provider reserves the right to decline services to any previously unregistered person(s), or accept the person(s) not included in the original reservation for an additional cost payable to the sevice provider on the day or arrival.

Article 4 – Payment of Tourist Sojourn Taxes
According to Croatian Laws governing travel stays or temporary residency, all travellers are required to pay a Sojourn Tax when paying for their accommodation in Croatia. The Tourist Sojourn Tax as outlined by Law in the Republic of Croatia ranges from 0,00 to 7,00 Kuna per person per day.  The total amount of Tourist Sojourn Tax to be paid under each reservation is determined by the destination, the lenght of stay, and the age of the traveller(s).

Article 5 – Accommodation Category Ratings and Description of Services
Available accommodations are described and rated according to official categorization standards of relevant industry institutions, as well as on the basis of current conditions of the accommodation at the time of offer.  Standards concerning accommodations, food, services of individual places and countries vary and are not comparable.

Article 6 - Obligations of the Agency
The Agency is responsible for arranging services and selecting appropriate service providers, while respecting the rights and interests of the Traveller, and in accordance with generally accepted tourism industry practices. The Agency will work to complete its obligations in full and in the manner prescribed, except in extraordinary circumstances (see Article 1).

Article 7 - Obligations of the Traveller
The Traveller is obliged to:

  • possess valid travel documents,
  • respect and comply with foreign currency and customs regulations, as well as the Laws and By-laws of the Republic of Croatia and other countries through which the Traveller passes and/or visits. In case the Traveller is unable to continue with or complete his/her travel due to a breach of the Law or By-law by the Traveller(s), all resulting costs will be borne solely by the offending Traveller(s),
  • obey house rules in the accommodation unit(s), and cooperate in good faith with service providers,
  • upon arrival, submit his/her Voucher to the Agency or Owner of the accommodation facilities,
  • upon arrival, provide a security or carriage deposit of €100-500 (Euro), depending on the accommodation facility, and
  • confirm whether or not a Visa is required for entry into the country where his/her accommodation is located.

In cases of non-compliance with these obligations, the Traveller alone shall bear the costs and liability for any resulting damages. In confirming his/her  reservation the Traveller agrees that should he/she create or cause any damage(s), the Traveller(s) will pay the service provider without delay for all damages.

Article 8 – Reservation Payment Models for Private Accommodations

Model 1 - 30% of the price of accommodation is payed by the Traveller(s) upon approval of his/her request for reservation. 70% of the price of accommodation is payed by the Traveller(s) upon arrival at the Agency or to the Owner of the accommodation

Model 2 - 100% of the price of accommodation is payed by the Travller(s) upon approval of his/her request for reservation, or 50% of the price of accommodation is payed by the Traveller(s) upon approval of his/her request for reservation and 50% of the price of accommodation is payed at least 30 days before the start of service(s)

Article 9 - Right of the Traveller to Changes and Cancellations
If the Traveller wishes to make changes to or cancel a reservation that has been made according to his/her particulars, the request must be made in writing (via conventional mail post, e-mail, or facsimile). Any changes to the number of persons in the Traveller's party, the start or end dates of the service or accommodations, or the length of stay, must be received by the Agency at least 30 days prior to the original arrival date.  The Traveller's initial request for changes to the reservation will be made by the Agency free of charge, provided that the change requested can be made without any additional costs.  A service fee of 20 Euros will charged for each subsequent request for changes to the reservation.        

In the event that the change requested is not possible, and because of this the Traveller decides to cancel his/her reservation, the following cancellation terms will apply.  A reservation will also be regarded as 'Cancelled' if changes to accommodations are requested by the Traveller less than 30 days prior to the arrival or start date of the service, or the request is made during the reservation's period of occupancy.

1) If a confirmed reservation for private accommodation is cancelled and the Traveller used Payment Model 1 (see Article 8), the Agency retains the deposit paid on the reservation.

2) If a confirmed reservation for private accommodation is cancelled and the Traveller used Payment Model 2 (see Article 8),and:

  • the cancellation is made more than 30 days prior to the start date of service, a charge of 50 per cent of the total reservation cost will be applied
  •  the cancellation is made 29 to 15 days prior to the start date of service, a charge of 65 per cent of the total reservation cost will be applied
  • the cancellation is made 14 to 8 days prior to the start date of service, a charge of 80 per cent of the total reservation cost will be applied
  • the cancellation is made 7 to 0 days prior to the start date of service, a charge of 100 per cent of the total reservation cost will be applied

Please note that an administrative charge of 25 Euros will be applied to each confirmed reservation that is cancelled.

If the Traveller does not arrive at their reserved accommodations by 24h00 (midnight) on the first day of service and he/she does not previously advise the Agency or the service provider of their anticipated late arrival, the reservation will be regarded as 'Cancelled' and charges will be applied as described above. If the resulting actual cancellation costs exceed the above-listed cancellation charges, the Agency reserves the right to charge the amount reflecting actual costs. The Agency is not obliged to reimburse the Traveller for costs related to any travel documents, passports or visas obtained in association with his/her cancelled reservation.

Article 10.- Cancellation and Travel Insurance Packages
The cancellation insurance is not included in the price. It is recommended that during reservation the Traveller purchase a Travel Cancellation Insurance Policy to guard against the possibility of trip cancellation. In this case "General terms" of Croatia Osiguranje d.d. insurance are valid.

Article 11 – Rights of the Agency to Reservation Changes and Cancellation
The Agency reserves the right to make changes to reservations if circumstances occur that cannot be predicted, avoided or rectified (see Article 1).  Reserved accommodations can be changed only with notification to the Traveller and substituted with accommodations of the same or higher category and at the price at which the Traveller confirmed his/her reservation. If the alternate accommodation is available only in a higher category property and at a price 10 per cent higher than the price of the previously confirmed reservation, the Agency reserves the right to charge the price difference upon consultation with the Traveller.

When substitute accommodations cannot be made for paid reservations, the Agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation providing advance notice to the Traveller at least 7 days prior to the start date of services and guaranteeing a full refund of the amount already paid. In the event of a reservation cancellation by the Agency, the Traveller does not have the right to seek additional compensation from the Agency.  The Agency is obliged only to refund the amount already paid ino the Agency's account.

If an adequate alternative is not possible on the start day of services, the Agency will strive to provide the Traveller with information regarding possible accommodation that is not offered through the Agency and will refund the Traveller the full amount paid for the reservation.

Article 12 – Resolution of Complaints
If the services provided are not satisfactory, the Traveller may request compensation by submitting a Written Complaint.  Every Traveller has the right to express dissatisfaction for incomplete/unsatisfactory services that have been paid for.

Upon arrival the Traveller is required to inform the representative of the service provider regarding his/her dissatisfaction with the service and advise the Agency in writing of the same via e-mail at agency@mediterano.hr or facsimile at  +385 20 813 832.  The Traveller is required to cooperate in good faith with the service provider and the Agency to resolve any issues.  If the Traveller accepts the resolutions proposed on-site as satisfying his/her service concerns, the Agency is not obligated to act further on the Traveller's complaint.  

If even after on-site intervention the issue is not resolved, the Traveller must submit a Written Complaint within 8 days of  returning from vacation, with accompanying documents and photographs that support his/her grounds for complaint. The Agency will consider only properly documented complaints received within 8 days following the end of the reservation.

The Agency will work to to resolve the complaint within a period of 14 days and provide the Traveller with a proposed solution to which he/she has 14 days to respond.  During this time (i.e. up to 28 days after the complaint is received),the Traveller agrees to irrevocably relinquish mediation through a third party or institution, as well as releasing information to the media.  During this period the Traveller also agrees not to sue. The maximum amount of compensation possible for the complaint can equal the price charged for the service under contention, but cannot include service(s) already provided nor encompass the total cost of the reservation. This excludes the right of Traveller to an ideal of damage.

The Agency cannot be deemed responsible for changing and/or unfavorable weather conditions, the quality and temperature of the sea at end destinations, and all such similar conditions and occurrences that may impact on the Traveller's level of satisfaction but are not directly related to the quality of the accommodations (these include but are not limited to poor weather, unsatisfactory beach conditions, large crowds, theft or damages to personal property, etc.).

If the Traveller has entered into agreement on organizing the trip as a "last minute reservation" (travel at the last moment), then the Traveller accepts all the risks of such travel.  This type of travel arrangement includes inherent aspects of uncertainty upon which the Agency has no influence.  As the Traveller has agreed to such travel due to more agreeable prices, the Traveller forfeits the right of complaint to the Agency.

Article 13 - Protection of Personal Data
The Traveller provides personal information voluntarily. Personal data may be required to arrange for and process requested services. Data provided will be used for further communication between the Agency and the Traveller.  The Agency agrees to not disclose the Traveller's personal data out of the country or to a third party, with the exception of discolure for the purpose of arranging and realizing services requested.  The exception of releasing personal data to third parties pertains to contracting cancellation insurance, accident and medical insurance, insurance against the risk of luggage loss and/or damage, and voluntary health insurance for travel and stay abroad. Should the Traveller contract into an insurance policy, personal data shall be passed on to the insurance provider.  The Traveller agrees that his/her personal data may be used for marketing purposes by the Agency.

Article 14 - Note
In confirming the reservation and making an advance partial (deposit) or whole payment of the total price the Traveller verifies his/her agreement with the above noted conditions.  These general conditions and travel guidelines supercede all previous conditions and guidelines for travel.  

Article 15 - Jurisdiction of Courts
The Traveller and the Agency will seek to resolve any possible disputes arising from the  implementation of this Agreement by mutual accord, or otherwise subject to the authority of the Court in Kor鑥la, with jurisdiction and the Governing Law being that of the Republic of Croatia.

Vela Luka, October 20, 2010

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